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printing to pdf, smaller files?
Hi all, Using review, is there a way to make smaller pdf files? Some clients cannot receive files larger then 10megs. I tried to turn some notes in
b@draftechOct-04-11 06:53 PM
by jsmith800
wall alignment menu not showing up - auto dimension not...
Hello, I am new to softplan and I am having a couple of issues as I plow through the first intoductory training cd. 1) I cannot get the auto
elliotgoettelmaOct-04-11 06:07 PM
by randy
Existing Roof problem
I'm trying to draw an existing roof condition, and Softplan doesn't seem to understand, or I can't figure out how to make it work properly. The exi
NateBOct-04-11 03:52 PM
by Gary Pursell
wall surfaces
Ok guys and gals have just installed 2012 a few days ago and so far like most of it, still trying to learn my way around a bit. I have a couple of que
SCPBullOct-04-11 12:03 PM0391
AutoCad Rivit drawing to SoftPlan 2012
I have been asked to do a small commercial project. The concept design was originally done in Rivit. Am I able to import a Rivit drawing to SoftPlan,
wstokesOct-03-11 08:48 PM
by DigitalDouble
I opened up a project that I had completed a few weeks ago and when I generated the 3D view none of my cabinets or windows where there. They are on th
Gary PursellOct-03-11 10:18 AM
by Gary Pursell
"Fit wall to roof" add a window
Hi When i did "Fit wall to roof" for a Cape cod roof i cant put a window in that wall whit multi hiegh. and i try put the window before did the "
v_munoz_aOct-03-11 09:00 AM
by NateB
Reversed windows
Once in a while a window will be placed inside out. I mean, the interior trim will be on the outside of the wall. I don't know what causes it or how t
bgcdOct-02-11 02:54 PM
by wstokes
Skylight Drywall Not Showing
I am designing an outdoor patio cover and just put some skylights in but when I turn on the drywall in the skylight edit options, nothing is showing u
zink01Sep-28-11 09:39 PM
by zink01
Textured Mode Extra Lines
Do you know if there is any way to eliminate these lines without turning off ALL lines in textured mode? Derrik v 2012 http://splas h.softplans
DerrikSep-27-11 10:01 AM
by jsmith800
Area Mode Custom area name
How do I change the name of an area at the drawing level not system level. Currently we have Gross Floor area then Area 2-15. Joe Granit e Desig
jsmith800Sep-27-11 08:23 AM
by JimS
Sections and Multi Drawing
Can't figure out why this is happening. When I do a cross section of a drawing and place it into multi drawing, the section symbol goes outside of my
msdSep-22-11 06:39 PM
by msd
2012 locking up
Does anyone leave softplan running on there computer for an extended time and is it ever just locked up when you start to use being idle for over nigh
Gary PursellSep-22-11 08:02 AM
by Gary Pursell
Banding Issue
This is my first time using banding, and i can'y seem to get my banding to miter properly. I tried cleanup, item cleanup, and checked everything i cou
mpaceySep-18-11 12:52 PM
by randy
Dimensioning Problem
When I manually set all my dimensions on a floor plan and later on I need to move a window or a wall or erase a window, the dimension lines and dimens
wstokesSep-17-11 03:23 PM
by Rod l
walls and beams for shells
sorry for quality of rendering > used shaded without much effort walls and beams for shells with "profiles" to create the shell effect. ht
randySep-14-11 08:05 AM
by randy
bench nosing use banding with profile
the 3 at the far left are done with > draw / banding. the red circular bench is done with 2 arcs and than used edit / form solid polygon. the
randySep-13-11 04:20 PM0704
trapezoid windows
trying to add trapezoid windows to gable end to match roof pitch have not been successful - carla
carlagSep-13-11 09:30 AM
by Ken
exterior trim
I was just wondering how to do banding and details like is on this rendering. http:/ /splash.softplanspls h.org/gallery/displa y_image.php?f=1&id=3 709
EStructuresSep-12-11 06:33 PM
by Rod l
wave using Siding profile
for all of you who do renderings of waves and surfers, i don't think you can create one siding profile to put in a wall for a wave. for this on
randySep-11-11 09:43 PM0592
Collar Ties
In the roof options there is option for collar tie size. I have been unable to get them to show on my section and rendered drawings. Any advise? Tha
cwl1585Sep-09-11 03:50 PM
by cwl1585
railing curved
to curve a railing or the side of a deck, you edit it and change the DEFLECTION from 0.00" which is a straight edge to a deflection with a dimensio
randySep-08-11 04:26 PM
by randy
creating and rotating 3d solids and the cantilevered "...
for those offended by women in bikinis > CLOSE YOUR EYES. creating and rotating 3d solids and the cantilevered "helipad" +====== ===============
randySep-08-11 03:16 PM0635
Area Table
I haven't been using the area tables in softplan 2012 yet but I was thinking there must be a way to link those areas to softlist? Another question
terinaSep-04-11 03:26 PM
by farwood
Fit wall to roof
"Fit wall to roof" cancels the "gable provided by roof" but "Gable provided by roof" doesn't cancel "fit wall to roof"... Does that make any
DigitalDoubleSep-02-11 04:16 PM0522
When I use the 'Step Wall' command it steps the walls at foundation level. I want to have a level foundation and step the top but cant see how I can r
AndySep-02-11 01:47 PM
by longshh
Adding Color Swatches
Can anyone tell me what I have to do to add a color swatch. I have the .ACO file but I can't get the colors to show up. Thanks
welcomehomeSep-02-11 07:49 AM
by welcomehome
I just waited 50 minutes for a cross section to generate and then I got an error message Run time error: A program asked to terminate in an unusual
Gary PursellAug-31-11 08:19 PM
by farwood
Softplan - Problem Priniting to a PDF
I have a problem when printing Multi-Drawings to a PDF. The system drawing portion does not print correctly. The main image is okay, but the system
brentgreenAug-31-11 04:41 PM
by jsmith800
SoftList Training DVD
Hi i want to learn Softlist, so I wonder if someone want to sell me the SoftList Training DVD for cheap. My email is v_munoz_a@yahoo.com. Thanks a l
v_munoz_aAug-30-11 03:34 PM0471
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