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High in the Sky
Please help! Suddenly my land has disappeared and my house is floating in space. Also, any part of my roof that had asphalt shingles has disappeared.
mmoorer1Apr-08-13 08:57 PM
by mmoorer1
Hello everyone I hope you can help! I just wanted to know if someone can let me know why when i cut an automatic cross section there is no thickness
SmuuthieApr-08-13 02:01 PM
by randy
Large Red Dimension Text
I am hoping someone can help, this is probably very easy to fix but for some reason all the dimension text has turned red and is greatly oversized. C
SmuuthieApr-08-13 11:39 AM
by Tommy_Davis
SoftPlan draftsman/designer in northern lower Michigan
Looking for experienced draftsman/designer, experienced in SoftPlan 2014 to consider on a per drawing basis Residential housing. Email resume and
dananderApr-07-13 09:40 PM0220
bidding wars are back - april, 2013
bidding wars are back - april, 2013 http://money .cnn.com/2013/04/04/ real_estate/bidding- wars/index.html?iid= HP_LN http://sp lash.softplansplsh.
randyApr-05-13 06:28 PM0267
Wanted: Softplan Draftsman/Designer near Louisville, Ky
Hello, We are residential and commercial contractors located in Louisville Ky. We use softplan for most of our plans. We are looking for a draf
buttorff81Apr-05-13 01:19 PM0166
23 apartments get built in 4 days in san Francisco
23 apartments get built in 4 days in san Francisco http:// www.linkedin.com/gro ups/Short-Video-Cons truction-Urban-Setti ng-112189.S.22504626 0?view=&g
randyApr-01-13 06:01 AM
by RL
Softplan draftsman or architect
I am a builder in the Tampa Bay area and I use SoftPlan for simple stuff but I would like to find some people that I could send my drawings to who cou
ljsickleMar-31-13 03:41 PM
by leglace
10 buildings that changed america - tv program
PBS broadcast to highlight '10 Buildings That Changed America' http://w ww.bdcnetwork.com/pb s-broadcast-highligh t-10-buildings-chang ed-america?utm_c
randyMar-30-13 04:06 PM0175
SoftTalk use
I am interested in some feedback on SoftTalk. Do some of you use it and like it? Does anyone find it quicker than using the keyboard shortcuts? It int
verklaMar-30-13 05:42 AM
by Boneyfinger
spiral - rotating structure in dubai
check out this spiral - rotating structure in dubai http://www. youtube.com/watch?v= A-cfB6xFSKM http: //www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=q92_OBGFGcM h
randyMar-25-13 11:49 AM0289
Anybody use Softplan in Australia ?
Hi, Just wondering if anybody here uses Softplan in Australia, namely Western Australia ? I might have some questions in the future. Thanks G a
gazzler1Mar-22-13 03:13 PM
by Steve B
pdf Printing
I am trying to do a basic non 3d street view as I am one of the few dinosaurs that doesn't use Softplans 3d design capabilities yet. I keep trying to
RussellMar-22-13 11:21 AM
by JohnB
Home Repossessions Drop 29% - 2012-2013
date; 2013 Home Repossessions Drop 29% to Lowest in U.S. Since 2007 http://www.b loomberg.com/news/20 13-03-14/home-reposs essions-drop-29-to-l owe
randyMar-21-13 10:14 AM0211
AMERICA'S FASTEST- AND SLOWEST-GROWING CITIES by Joel Kotkin 03/19/2013 http:/ /www.newgeography.co m/content/003569-ame ricas-fastest-and-sl owest-
randyMar-21-13 10:01 AM0189
designing for Gen X clients - 2013 and forward
designing for Gen X clients - 2013 and forward http://ww w.builderonline.com/ design/a-new-beginni ng.aspx?utm_source=n ewsletter&utm_conten t=jump&utm_
randyMar-20-13 06:47 PM0225
Buying a Home 44% Cheaper than Renting - 2012-2013
Buying a Home 44% Cheaper than Renting Despite Rising Home Prices comparison 2012-2013 Low mortgage rates have kept homeownership less expensi
randyMar-20-13 12:52 PM0182
favorite cities of the super rich - from Forbes - 2013
favorite cities of the super rich http://www.f orbes.com/pictures/e glg45elgle/favorite- cities-of-the-super- rich-13/ http:/ /splash.softplanspls h
randyMar-14-13 12:26 PM0194
List of Most Affordable Housing Markets of 2013
List of Most Affordable Housing Markets of 2013 POSTED ON MARCH 13, 2013 BY PUBLISHER IN NEWS RELEASES Two Texas metros top the list, while two
randyMar-14-13 11:28 AM0178
new laws in many states
new laws in many states NOTE: (the laws cover all remodeling and home-improvement contracting, not just roofing). http:// www.builderonline.co m/ar
randyMar-13-13 02:21 PM0226
dual master bedroom schemes
dual master bedroom schemes. 2 master bedrooms in one house you say ? http://www.hous ingzone.com/4-dual-m aster-design-schemes ?utm_campaign=PB%20
randyMar-11-13 06:26 PM0250
buyers "Camp Out" to buy new homes
Buyers camp out for Bolsa Chica homes - huntington beach, california March 04th, 2013 is this a sign of things to come across the country ? let'
randyMar-09-13 09:27 AM0195
Building a 100% Made in America House
Building a 100% Made in America House A Montana builder who built a home of all-American components promotes the practice. http: //www.buildero
randyMar-07-13 04:56 PM0206
system restore for win7 and win8
what's the process for doing a system restore I windows 7 and windows 8 http://splash.s oftplansplsh.org/mem bers/dcforum/user_fi les/25489.jpg
randyMar-07-13 02:30 PM
by jsmith800
gehry santa monica hotel- condo tower
Gehry unveils design by Santa Monica hotel-condo tower http://www. bdcnetwork.com/gehry -unveils-design-sant a-monica-hotel-condo -tower?utm_campaign= B
randyMar-05-13 05:56 PM0261
Wall Offsets Issue ?
Building fairly simple ranch plan. For some unknown reason when I build elevation with foundation and main the 2 stories are offset from each other b
thagemanMar-04-13 03:33 PM
by randy
Position Print Window Problem
My computer crashed, was able to save one of the drives, and all my information, added two new drives and was able to save all of my SoftPlan items, t
Poco50Mar-03-13 02:30 PM
by billjahn
housing back on track ------- 2013
housing back on track - 2013 http://www.b uilderonline.com/bui lder-pulse.aspx?id=8 645&utm_source=newsl etter&utm_content=ju mp&utm_medium=email& utm_ca
randyFeb-28-13 10:15 AM0220
I need some help drawing a roof that has both a 12" cantilever past the wall and a 24" overhang beyond the cantilever. Therfore a total of 36" overha
BRYDONBOYFeb-28-13 07:43 AM
by harrystaab
Growth corridors: where American dreams will live beyon...
Growth corridors: where American dreams will live http://www.b uilderonline.com/bui lder-pulse.aspx?id=8 562&utm_source=newsl etter&utm_content=ju mp&ut
randyFeb-27-13 07:43 PM0255
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