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Changing dimension format
How can I change an individual dimension from feet-inches to decimal feet? Thanks, Mark Hendricks
MarkHendricksJun-12-13 05:20 PM
by DennisAsher
Adjustiing text size on site lines
I have created my first site plan and printed to a convenient scale. The bearing and distance text is quite small and difficult to read. How can I inc
MarkHendricksJun-10-13 05:01 PM
by MarkHendricks
How to create a skillion roof?
Am I missing something? How can I create skillion roofs? Thanks :)
JacquiJun-09-13 07:58 PM
by randy
Auto Dimension Help
I just bought Soft Plan Lite. Got it in the mail yesterday, installed tonight and started playing around with it. Already ran into a problem. I'v
MidmoJun-07-13 10:00 PM
by Jason Brant
Learning Softplan and getting Started
I need advise. I purchased Softplan to draft our own residence. I have done drafting by hand for twenty + years. This is the first time I have trie
arolesJun-01-13 06:59 PM
by randy
Software Consolidation for Remodeling
Hello, In full-disclosure I originally posted this on another forum, but was directed here by a Softplan user. I don't want to be accused of flip-f
NziglerJun-01-13 10:27 AM
by RL
hurricane shelters - how to build - 2013
How do I build a hurricane shelter? - 2013 http://home.hows tuffworks.com/home-i mprovement/how-to-bu ild/build-a-hurrican e-shelter1.htm http://
randyMay-23-13 03:59 PM0283
Building assemblies position on site with building putl...
I just generated a site plan using building outline and surveyors coordinates. All went well moving outline to site position but after resetting and a
glenn501May-21-13 12:36 PM
by randy
Need an instructor
I am a returning user to softplan from 13lite. I have purchased 2014 and am looking for an instructor to teach me what I dont know about the advancem
JT Side JobMay-14-13 10:20 PM0223
Hatch (paint) options
New to SP, coming from Acad. Not impressed with hatch options. I want a stucco hatch for elevations similar to acad stipple. Any suggestions. I am ver
jsdraftMay-12-13 02:34 PM
by randy
3D Framing
When SoftPlan loads, there is a picture of the framing for a house. If I have a house plan that I have been working on, how do I render it like this?
mmoorer1Apr-28-13 08:33 PM
by farwood
Deck Bracing
I am working on a deck and need to put in angled bracing for the posts. Any suggestions on how to accomplish this?
mmoorer1Apr-27-13 02:04 PM
by randy
E Mailing Animation
Thank-you to all of you for your past help. I am wondering if there is any way to save a 3D animation in such a way that it can be sent by e mail to a
verklaApr-26-13 07:43 AM
by verkla
Multiple Truss styles
I am very greatful for all the past responses I have received on this forum it has been very helpful. I am trying to model a house that I will be u
SmuuthieApr-23-13 07:04 AM
by AncientUser
Timber Decorative Gable Finish
I hope that some one can help me/ I am trying to show timber gable finish (non-Structural) on 3d drawings and would love to hear from anyone if the
SmuuthieApr-17-13 03:39 PM
by randy
Wall troubles
I'm getting the error message "The top of the header is set above the underside of the top plate." The problem is that all the wall heights and window
mmoorer1Apr-15-13 06:25 AM
by AncientUser
Hip Returns
Can anyone tell me if it is possible to adjust the length of one hip return, but not the other on a gable roof?
mmoorer1Apr-12-13 07:10 PM
by randy
Looking for a Softplan Designer / Draftsperson
We are looking for a person with Softplan experience to convert residential housing drawings in dwg into Softplan drawings, and to do some design work
GarymApr-12-13 04:32 PM
by Garym
Roof issue
Every time I try to edit my roof I get the same incorrect adjustment. I have tried adding a hip return, no luck. Tried changing the gable end material
mmoorer1Apr-11-13 10:41 PM
by mmoorer1
Fulltime SOFTPLAN power user needed in NW Atlanta.
Windsong Properties, a fast growing Active Adult residential builder located in Woodstock,GA seeks professional for a fulltime CAD position. Ideal ca
romeyndesignsApr-10-13 06:31 PM0235
Disappearing Deck
So I had a deck on my drawing, I was in Ceiling Mode and did a cleanup, now all my deck joists have disappeared except (2) that have jutted off into s
mmoorer1Apr-10-13 05:07 PM
by randy
High in the Sky
Please help! Suddenly my land has disappeared and my house is floating in space. Also, any part of my roof that had asphalt shingles has disappeared.
mmoorer1Apr-08-13 09:57 PM
by mmoorer1
Hello everyone I hope you can help! I just wanted to know if someone can let me know why when i cut an automatic cross section there is no thickness
SmuuthieApr-08-13 03:01 PM
by randy
Large Red Dimension Text
I am hoping someone can help, this is probably very easy to fix but for some reason all the dimension text has turned red and is greatly oversized. C
SmuuthieApr-08-13 12:39 PM
by Tommy_Davis
SoftPlan draftsman/designer in northern lower Michigan
Looking for experienced draftsman/designer, experienced in SoftPlan 2014 to consider on a per drawing basis Residential housing. Email resume and
dananderApr-07-13 10:40 PM0263
bidding wars are back - april, 2013
bidding wars are back - april, 2013 http://money .cnn.com/2013/04/04/ real_estate/bidding- wars/index.html?iid= HP_LN http://sp lash.softplansplsh.
randyApr-05-13 07:28 PM0363
Wanted: Softplan Draftsman/Designer near Louisville, Ky
Hello, We are residential and commercial contractors located in Louisville Ky. We use softplan for most of our plans. We are looking for a draf
buttorff81Apr-05-13 02:19 PM0187
23 apartments get built in 4 days in san Francisco
23 apartments get built in 4 days in san Francisco http:// www.linkedin.com/gro ups/Short-Video-Cons truction-Urban-Setti ng-112189.S.22504626 0?view=&g
randyApr-01-13 07:01 AM
by RL
Softplan draftsman or architect
I am a builder in the Tampa Bay area and I use SoftPlan for simple stuff but I would like to find some people that I could send my drawings to who cou
ljsickleMar-31-13 04:41 PM
by leglace
10 buildings that changed america - tv program
PBS broadcast to highlight '10 Buildings That Changed America' http://w ww.bdcnetwork.com/pb s-broadcast-highligh t-10-buildings-chang ed-america?utm_c
randyMar-30-13 05:06 PM0244
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